Does PoolRx work with salt system?

A. Yes.


  • The salt cell can be turned down by 50% of previous setting.

  • Swimming in lower salt chlorine levels, improves bathing comfort.

  • Less high pH chlorine (11-13) will need to be produced.

  • Less high pH chlorine means less acid will need to be added to balance it.

  • The life of salt cell will be extended. (Salt Cells are at least $600.00 to replace).

  • Less scale build-up on salt cell and pool surface. The zinc in PoolRx is a natural de-scaler.

Q: Will the copper mineral in the PoolRx stain the pool?

 A: No. This is an issue with other copper based products, but NOT PoolRx as it has a patented chelating agent. The chelating agent is bonded to the minerals allowing large fluctuations in pH and high chlorine levels (above 10.ppm) and the minerals will not fall out of solution.


Q: If I have a green pool do I need to clean it up first?

 A: No. Our EPA Registered PoolRx product is the best algaecide on the market. It will eliminate all types of algae. Just add the minerals and maintain normal pool chemistry.


Q: Are the minerals toxic?

 A: No. When dissolved in the proper sized body of water PoolRx minerals are completely safe.


Q: Do I have to wait to add the PoolRx unit if my chlorine level is high?

 A: No. Add PoolRx to the pool & the patented sequestering agents are bonded to the minerals and will not fall out of solution.


Q: Are there any Third-Party testing that backs up your claims?

 A: Research Backs Technology The University of Arizona and a certified independent laboratory recently demonstrated that even very low chlorine residual levels (0.1ppm) are effective in treating pool water when there are copper and metallic ions present in the pool. Studies have shown that the ideal method is to use a combination of all three elements.

A dual disinfection method (eg. PoolRx and a low Chlorine residual) was proposed after test showed that: “Two different elements of metals added together will allow more efficient disinfection kinetics to be achieved. One substance targets the surface of the micro-organism (algae/bacteria) injuring and killing the cell while a second substance targets the nucleic acid of the micro-organism , destroying the remaining micro organisms. By using this method of dual disinfection, reduced levels of both substances are more effective than much higher levels of either individual substance.